I work with C-suite executives, VP-level executives and professionals who want to be strategic and successful in their next career change.

It could be a move up, a move over, a move out, or a move overseas. Whatever move you’re ready to make, we can collaborate on customized job search strategies that will deliver a positive return on investment for you.


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Is this you?

  • You’re a professional at the executive level: experienced, valued
  • You’re a leading light in your industry
  • You’ve been rapidly promoted and repeatedly recruited
  • You wonder if your resume fully reflects your success
  • You’re loyal, and maybe even a little uneasy about making a
         move because your current employer has been good to you
  • You’ve learned a lot. You’ve done well
  • You know it’s time for a change
  • You want results – the right results

It’s important to recognize the opportunity cost of staying where you are, and the return on investment of making the right move.

Positions I’ve successfully consulted for.

Maureen Farmer, Career Navigator

It’s also important to recognize that there’s an art and a science to career placement, especially for top level jobs. And then there are all the complexities around taking a risk to shift into a career that is truly rewarding because it is truly right for you.

My belief is that as we focus on our strengths and take time to truly understand our unique talents, gifts and competencies, we achieve success in terms that we define.

My work is holistic, authentic and customized for you. It empowers your search by applying a proven process, designed by a multiple award-winning and nationally triple-certified career strategist and used by professionals and executives from across the globe.

When you’re ready to launch your new career, I will help you land.


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